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Road to Glencairn

Meet and compete!

Meet and compete with your fellow ClubLink Players Club golfers all season long on “The Road to Glencairn.” 

Enjoy playing some of ClubLink's finest courses this summer. Whether you’re a competitive golfer or play just for fun, The Road to Glencairn is a league for everyone. Play well or play often and you could qualify for the season finale at Glencairn in Halton Hills. The 27-hole Thomas McBroom layout is about the closest you can get to a British links experience without crossing the Atlantic.

The Road to Glencairn will deliver 52 players to our Championship by either skill or persistence! Two qualifiers from each League event will skillfully play their way into the Championship – while the grinders who consistently play all summer will increase their chances to be one of the 26 players to participate the most this summer – the more you play, the better your chances of being in the top 26. All 52 will be our guests for wonderful season-ender with great golf and Food & beverage and fun competitions.

Friendly competition is the essence of the game we all love playing. The Road to Glencairn gives you an opportunity to play some of Canada's best courses with fellow golfers who share that love of the game.

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Qualifying Events

May 15 - Wyndance - 1:30pm-4pm

May 24 - Emerald Hills - 1:30pm-4pm

May 31 - Eagle Ridge - 1:30pm-4pm

June 17 and 18 - Lake Joseph and Rocky Crest - Sun 1:30pm-4pm / Mon 9am-11am

June 28 - The Country Club (East) - 1:30pm-4pm

July 5 - Station Creek (South) - 1:30pm-4pm

July 19 - National Pines - 1:30pm-4pm

Aug 2 - Heron Point - 1:30pm-4pm

Aug 9 - Blue Springs - 1:30pm-4pm

Aug. 16 - Glendale - 1:30pm-4pm

Aug. 23 - Caledon Woods - 1:30pm-4pm

Aug. 30 - The Country Club (West) - 1:30pm-4pm

Oct. 11 - Championship at Glencairn - Shotgun TBD